Solstice Gin | Revivalist Spirits


Winter’s chill melts as infusions of dried cherry, anise and orange peel blend with the warmth of a gentle kiss of ginger. Enough juniper to invoke the season without overpowering the spirit’s balance and a finish in oak barrels previously filled with red wine varietals lends this complex Gin a blush of color and depth of flavor.


Revivalist Gin
Solstice Expression
Gin & Tonic


  • 1-1.5 ounces Solstice gin
  • 4 Candied ginger cubes
  • 6 dried cherries
  • Round slice of blood orange if available-sweet juice
    orange if not
  • Tonic of choice
  • Long swizzle stick


  • Thread 3 of the candied ginger cubes onto swizzle
    stick alternating with dried cherries
  • Pour gin into balloon wine glass or tall glass
  • Lightly muddle remaining ginger candy with gin
  • Add ice to taste
  • Pour in tonic
  • Stir with prepared swizzle stick
  • Place blood orange wheel on rim or in drink for a
    stronger orange influence
  • Sip & Sit by the fire and glow with
    gin before adding ice


Flavor that awakens on the palate like the promise of Spring.


A compelling warmth with cooling citrus notes and a soft mouthfeel.


Dramatic complexity of spice brought together with unexpected harmony.


A jalapeno botanical infusion that will change your conception of Gin forever.