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At Botanery Barn Distilling we cultivate our craft using pre-prohibition distilling methods to make our Revivalist Gins and Resurgent Botanical Whiskeys. These one-of-a-kind, all-natural spirits are infused, not flavored, using the finest botanicals curated from around the globe and our own backyard. We’re inspired by the ethnobotanical traditions practiced by cultures for millennia, using plants for medicinal, spiritual, and culinary purposes. Each plant is carefully selected to create a palate-pleasing pairing of botanicals and spirit in every bottle.

Housed in a lovingly restored 150-year-old barn, Botanery Barn Distilling sits in a field of botanicals on eight acres in bucolic Chester County, PA. You can stroll through our gardens, then tour the distillery, and join us for cocktails and dinner at our innovative farm-to-table restaurant. Visit us at