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Resurgent Bourbon Whiskey- Young American

We are not only admirers of fine spirits, we are devoted to honesty & transparency! This younger variation on our Resurgent Custom Cask Straight Bourbon is distilled and aged in Kentucky from a specially designed mash bill with a higher corn content and a balanced rye content lending the finished spirit a spicy, complex perfection.

Tasting Notes:

Nosed for balance and readiness to bottle, this bourbon offers a slightly less wood influenced taste profile. Malted barley finishes the base with a sweetness and remarkable soft mouthfeel. Hand blended and bottled in very small batch, we offer our bourbon at cask strength and encourage you to add pure spring water to open the nose and encourage the notes of homey, peach and pepper vanilla as it flows over the tongue.

Custom Cask

Custom Cask

Cask Strength