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Timing means everything.

Revivalist Spirits is new. Our Bourbon is not.

Yes … we are a grain to bottle distillery and very proud of it, but no; we aren’t magicians or time travelers! So – in order to have a bourbon of great merit ready for your enjoyment along with our distilled on site non-aged spirits, we started early on . . . our bourbon was not distilled at Brandywine Branch and we wouldn’t try to trick you into believing it was. BUT . . . it was distilled from the custom crafted mash bill of our master blender and has been aging since well before our distillery was built.

Custom Cask

Brandywine Branch


Barrel Aged American Bourbon


Knowing as we do that dark aged spirits are an essential part of life…the decision was made a few years before opening the distillery to have custom charred new American White Oak casks specially built to age a bourbon we had created from our custom mash bill at a distillery a few hundred miles from Brandywine Branch. In this way we are able to offer a whiskey when we open that has our mark but was made in advance of the distillery’s ribbon cutting day.


This bourbon has been brought in its barrels to Brandywine Branch to finish aging and when deemed ready, it will be bottled on site one custom cask at a time at cask strength (118.4 proof / 59.2abv) as Brandywine Branch Custom Cask Straight Bourbon. The inaugural bottling occurred in May 2016 with Cask #101.


In future years as the inventory of our Custom Cask Straight Bourbon is diminished (and it will go quickly—it’s way too delicious) we will mash, distill, age and bottle our own bourbons on site.


Additionally, as we empty each of the bourbon casks to bottle the spirit, we will run mashes of malted barley and begin to age our own Brandywine Branch SINGLE MALT WHISKY in the emptied one-fill bourbon casks in traditional Scottish fashion.