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Fresh notes of citrus melange and a touch of mint; slightly sweet grains with a balance of juniper (just enough), coriander and angelica and a touch of meadowsweet and hyssop to finish. Traditional gin refreshment with an unmistakable sense of spring.


The alchemy of copper – the unique taste profile of small batch Gin

Field grown grain fermented in custom built Douglas Fir washbacks – Each single batch runs through a series of hand hammered CARL copper stills to achieve the perfect base spirit for each of our four expressions – Botanical variations selected, composed and macerated by our master blender – Final nosing and blending the result of decades of craft spirits experience – Hand bottled on site.


Revivalist Gin
Equinox expression
Gin & Tonic


  • Equinox gin: 1-1.5 ounces to preference
  • Tonic to taste; about 5-7 ounces
  • Round of green or lemon cucumber, set on rim of glass
  • Large wedge fresh lemon
  • Long leafy sprig of fresh mint and 3 mint leaves


  • Pour gin into chosen glass (we love a red wine glass but what you like best is what we recommend!)
  • Squeeze and drop in lemon wedge
  • Lightly crush the separate mint leaves in your fingers and drop in
  • Add ice to taste
  • Pour in tonic
  • Stir gently with mint sprig and leave in
  • Place cuke ring on rim of glass
  • Feet up, lean back, take a deep sip and let the world spin by…

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