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Why Craft Distilled Gins?


The creation of The Revivalist portfolio of gins began with a look at the flavors inherent to each of the distinct four seasons we experience here in Chester County. As the climate rolls us through a year of changes, our appetites and lifestyle follow the flow of taste and aroma of each season. Although many of the herbs, spices and flowers that infuse our gins are from far flung locations, an equal number are easily harvested locally. Those that can be grown locally are showcased in our gardens. The more exotics in the infusions are brought in from around the world and give our gins a worldly spectrum of flavor and nose.




The expression of excellence is in everything we do.


In keeping with our mission to remain traditional in our process and products, the mashes for our gins are made from grains, both malted and unmalted, harkening back to the original gin style spirits of the 1600’s and moving through to the London Dry style that evolved in the next centuries. But don’t think our commitment to the best methods for eliciting exceptional flavor from our botanicals means we are mired in the past. Our master blenders routinely challenge convention and consider the Gin revival an opportunity to discover what’s possible…,their latest creation, the worlds first: DragonDance jalapenos infused gin!


Flavor that awakens on the palate like the promise of Spring.


A compelling warmth with cooling citrus notes and a soft mouthfeel.


Dramatic complexity of spice brought together with unexpected harmony.


An unusually colorful Gin enhanced by finishing in Red Wine barrels.


A jalapeno botanical infusion that will change your conception of Gin forever.