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This special release gin has the classic gin spices plus Pineapple, Allspice, Banana, and Orange peel.

Produced only once per year, our Limited-release Tropical gin takes our premium French Wheat base spirit in a uniquely tasty direction. 

Infused with herbs, freshly ground spices, and citrus from the height of winter citrus season, We steep all the botanicals in a cold maceration to extract all essential oils and enhance the flavor, then begin our proprietary distillation process.

Tasting Notes: Smooth yet bursting with tropical flavors. Classic Gin Spices Plus Pineapple, Allspice, Banana, and Orange peel.

Our limited release Tropical Expression is THE craft gin for Summer.
The Revivalist Gin bottle is exquisite. The perfect bottle for an exceptional Gin.
An image of our limited release special Gin. Tropical Gin bottle featured.

Revivalist Botanical Gin - Tropical Expression 750ml - 43% ABV

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