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****WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!!!!*******

**For those of you who have already enjoyed our Custom Cask 118, this is exactly the same bourbon, however now at 114 due to Angel's share.

Our premier sipping bourbon, Custom Cask Reserve single barrel straight bourbon rests for at least four years in commissioned barrels made of an unusually high quality new American white oak - crafted by master coopers in Kentucky who normally build superior wine casks for award winning wines. Our barrels were charred to our specifications, filled and brought north to us for further aging.

First impression on the nose is of a deeply sherried single malt then the rich chocolate notes drop back, and the anise/cinnamon spice of the rye comes through. Hints of peach and apple peel present and soften to a beautiful fruit balance. Wash of maple, blackberry and apple with mild vanilla and pastry crème. A tang of anise (slight) and a velvet mouthfeel. Notes of pepper coat the tongue. Rich black tea astringent and Demerara sugar cubes finish

Mash Bill:51% Corn, 35% Rye, 14% malt

Resurgent Custom Cask Reserve Bourbon - 750ml 57.25% ABV

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