Our Three Founding Partners

Photograph of Don Avellino President and CFO of BBD.
Photograph of Riannon Walsh Managing Director of Production and Master Blender of Brandywine Branch Distillers.
Photograph of Scott Avellino National Sales Director of BBD.
President and CFO
Managing Director of Production and Master Blender
National Sales Director

His mission: keep us afloat financially and balance those books! Why does Don get stuck with this when he’d rather be home brewing or out running? Because he can. With years of demonstrated successful entrepreneurial experience under his belt, Don is the ultimate choice to watch over the financial foundation of all distillery needs, past, present and future. Somehow he manages to work with numbers all day without blowing a gasket, so that's a real bonus for the rest of our team. No matter how great our products or how strong our passion, someone needs to do the practical work and he’s our first and last choice for the job.

Her mission: Conceive, create, blend, bottle, start over. Never pass by a fruit, herb, flower or barrel without being inspired to greater spiritual heights.

As a professional nose and blender of private label and independently bottled Scotch and Irish whiskies for the last 25 years as well as founding & running the iconic Whiskies of the World Expos in San Francisco from 1999-2010, Riannon’s life in the arena of high end spirits has been one of varied and extensive experiences and success on both sides of the Pond. Her adventure with gin began in 2005 and has become a major passion. Being able to stop traveling and be a partner in a distillery where all products are of her own creation and all distillery production operation falls to her is a dream come true.

Better late than never!


His mission: Take those beautiful gins and whiskeys to market and sell the corks off them. And do it with a smile that’s real!

Scott’s years as a road warrior salesman in challenging major industries has prepared him for the final frontier: the three tier liquor sales system in the USA. Never one to turn away from a task or end a day without a good natured check on the wellbeing of everyone around him, Scott’s background in sales and marketing make him the perfect man for the job of National Sales Director for all our brands.

Distillery Denizens

Photograph of Grace a Distillery Denizen Doggie.


Photograph of Hank a Distillery Denizen Doggie.


Photograph of Mike Higgins and Gabe Barnard Distillers at BBD.


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