Craft distilling---Once upon a time the terms artisanal distilling and craft distilling stood up to mean a start to finish creative process of hands on, small batch innovation.


As the huge number of small distilleries have sprung up in the USA over the past 10 years, the artisanal production methods and quality that we took to be a given has been lost in many respects.


In the rush to open and build revenues, the grain to bottle creation has been sidestepped by many small distillers and rather than starting at the beginning, short cuts to producing product rapidly have become commonplace.


No Shortcuts Here . . .


At Brandywine Branch Distillers we hold fast to the true nature of ‘craft’ and ‘artisanal distilling’. The Revivalist Botanical Gins are always mashed, distilled and bottled, batch by batch from start to finish, right here at the distillery.


Our whiskeys and other spirits, unless otherwise clearly labeled, are mashed and distilled from grain to bottle right here at the distillery.


We do NOT bring in neutral spirits to rectify, redistill, flavor or infuse when we make our gins. We do it ALL ourselves and have no need to play word games on our labels to make you think we are anything other than what we say we are.


Our bottles are filled with spirits created here from start to finish.


We bring in grains and design and mash our chosen grain bill on site. We ferment in hand built traditional wooden Hall Woolford open Douglas Fir fermenters. Our carefully chosen yeasts comingle with nature’s wild yeasts giving our fermentations a bespoke character. We then create our own unique small batch spirit distilled in copper pot stills designed and hand built by one of the oldest still makers in the world; Christian CARL Brothers of Germany.


Our botanical recipes are the results of many months of lab work and infusions. All are the creation of our master blender whose 30 plus years working as a blender and nose becomes apparent as you taste and enjoy the complexity of The Revivalist Botanical Gins.


And if you still aren’t sure we’re being straight with you about this…
come visit us and watch the process!

Speak with our distillers and Master Blender.

See what ‘craft’ really means.


Distilling is ancient art imbued with a touch of magic but it needn’t be a mystery.

Logo Image of PA Chester County Small Batch.
Photograph of the Brandywine Branch Distillers Copper Pot Stills.
Photograph of the Brandywine Branch Distillers Copper Pot Stills.
Photograph of the BBD Copper Pot Stills.
Photograph of the Brandywine Branch Distillers Bourbon Barrels.
Photograph of the Brandywine Branch Distillers Bourbon Barrels with a bottle of Solstice Expression Gin.
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