in the same way you would fine whiskies.

The complexity of nose and taste will cause you to rethink –  and seriously expand  –
Your Personal Spirits Repertoire.


The Revivalist Botanical Gins Portfolio

Complexity of taste, approachability of flavor, an elevated and revived journey with Gin.

Sip, stir, create. These are truly Unique and Diverse Spirits from a Master Blender and a Singular Distillery.


The creation of The Revivalist range of gins began with a look at the flavors inherent to each of the distinct four seasons we experience here in Chester County.


As the climate rolls us through a year of changes, our appetites and lifestyle follow the flow of taste and aroma of each season. Although many of the herbs, spices and flowers that infuse our gins are from far flung locations, an equal number are easily harvested locally. Those that can be grown locally are showcased in our gardens. The more exotics in the infusions are brought in from around the world and give our gins a worldly spectrum of flavor and nose.


In keeping with our mission to remain traditional in our process and products, the mashes for our gins are made from grains, both malted and unmalted, harkening back to the original gin style spirits of the 1600’s and moving through to the London Dry style that evolved in the next centuries.


Following the seasonal harvest and character, our four flagship gins will delight you as sipping spirits or in innumerable cocktails. Tasting notes for these four expressions are online and are included on each of our bottles.







Image of Equinox Expression Bottle.
Image of ABV 43% for Equinox Expression.






Fresh notes of citrus mélange and a touch of mint; slightly sweet grains with a balance of juniper (just enough!), coriander and angelica and a touch of meadowsweet and hyssop to finish. Traditional gin refreshment with an unmistakable sense of spring.




Revivalist Gin

Equinox Expression

Gin & Tonic



• Equinox gin: 1-1.5 ounces to preference

• Tonic to taste; about 5-7 ounces

• Round of green or lemon cucumber, set on rim of glass

• Large wedge fresh lemon

• Long leafy sprig of fresh mint and 3 mint leaves



• Pour gin into chosen glass (we love a red wine glass but
   what you like best is what we recommend!)

• Squeeze and drop in lemon wedge

• Lightly Crush the separate mint leave in your fingers and
   drop in

• Add ice to taste

• Pour in tonic

• Stir gently with mint sprig and leave in

• Place cuke ring on rim of glass

• Feet up, lean back, take a deep sip and let the world
   spin by . . .


Equinox Expression Text as an Arrt File.
Image of Equinox Expression Bottle Topper.
Image of Summertide Expression Bottle.
Image of ABV 42% for Summertide Expression.
Summertide Expression Text as Art.

Whispers of seasonal florals (jasmine, rose) in a field of summer grasses, meadowsweet and a range of cooling citrus. An underlayment of juniper and angelica; a touch of coriander and mild back notes of peppermint. A soft and almost sweet gin with just enough citrus edge to make it the best of sipping as well as cocktail spirit. Carefully chosen grains produce a remarkably soft mouthfeel.




Revivalist Gin



Gin & Tonic



• Summertide gin: 1-1.5 ounces to preference

• Tonic to taste ; about 5-7 ounces

• Freshly cut long cucumber spear

• Honeysuckle flowers or rose petals

• Thick wedge of freshly cut lime



• Pour gin into balloon wine glass

• Squeeze and drop in lime wedge

• Add ice to taste

• Pour in tonic of choice (we love Fever Tree Indian Tonic)

• Stir gently with cuke spear and leave in glass

• Float flower petals on iced drink

• Sip and find Summer any time of year!


Image of Summertide Expression Bottle Topper.
Image of Harvest Expression Bottle.
Image of ABV 40% for Harvest Expression.
Image of Harvest Expression Type.

A move into the season of spice with complex aromas of lemon and nutmeg, cinnamon and  elderflower with essence of orange, clove and a balancing base of juniper, angelica and coriander. Coaxed to a velvet mouthfeel by infusion in a base spirit of malted and unmalted grains.




Revivalist Gin

Harvest Expression

Gin & Tonic



• 1-1.5 ounces Harvest Gin

• Tonic to taste 5-7 ounces

• 2 inch long by ½ inch wide strip of naval orange peel or peel
   of other thick skinned orange

• Tangerine segment

• 4 inch long cinnamon stick

• Tonic of choice



• Pour gin into tall glass or large bulb wine glass

• Gently muddle tangerine segment with gin

• With a paring knife, scrape cinnamon stick ‘dust’ into gin—
   5 or 6 scrapes

• Lightly twist orange peel to release oils and drop into glass

• Add ice

• Add tonic

• Stir with cinnamon stick and leave stick in cocktail

• Watch the autumn leaves fall and relax as you imbibe

Image of Harvest Expression Bottle Topper.
Image of Solstice Expression Bottle.
Image of ABV 46.5% for Solstice Expression.
Image of Solstice Expression Type as Art.

Winter’s chill melts as infusions of dried cherry, anise and orange peel blend with the warmth of a gentle kiss of ginger. Enough juniper to invoke the season without overpowering the spirit’s balance and a finish in oak barrels previously filled with red wine varietals lends this complex Gin a blush of color and depth of flavor.




Revivalist Gin

Solstice Expression

Gin & Tonic


• 1-1.5  ounces Solstice gin

• 4 Candied ginger cubes

• 6 dried cherries

• Round slice of blood orange if available-sweet juice
   orange  if not

• Tonic of choice

• Long swizzle stick



• Thread 3 of the candied ginger cubes onto swizzle
   stick alternating with dried cherries

• Pour gin into balloon wine glass or tall glass

• Lightly muddle remaining ginger candy with gin

• Add ice to taste

• Pour in tonic

• Stir with prepared swizzle stick

• Place blood orange wheel on rim or in drink for a
   stronger orange influence

• Sip & Sit by the fire and glow with
   gin before adding ice


Image of Solstice Expression Bottle Topper.
Image of DragonDance Bottle.
Image of ABV 43% for DragonDance
Image of DragonDance Type

A grain to bottle distilled gin, DragonDance takes The Revivalist Gins on a wild ride of taste and botanical adventure. Exceptionally versatile as a gin cocktail base but a palate pleaser beyond compare when sipped chilled and straight up. For the ultimate DragonDance Martini: Keep the bottle in the freezer, pour into your glass of choice; add a slice of fresh jalapeno and a slice of cooling cucumber, squeeze in a wedge of lime and experience the DragonDance flyte of fancy!



Revivalist Gin


Gin & Tonic



•1-1.5 ounces DragonDance Gin

•Quarter lime wedges

•Lime sea salt or pink Himalayan sea salt

•Cucumber or celery spear

•Tonic of choice



•Dampen glass of choice  rim and dip in salt-We

  recommend a tall, lean cocktail glass

•Pour in gin

•Squeeze on quarter-wedge of line into gin, drop in
  another quarter

•Add ice

•Add tonic of choice

•Stir with veg spear

•Hold onto your hat; bay at the moon; your choice

Image of DragonDance Bottle Topper.
Image of Equinox Expression Label.
Image of Summertide Expression Label.
Image of Harvest Expression Label.
Image of Solstice Expression Label.
Image of DragonDance Label.
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