A Full Range of Gins, Individually & Uniquely Distilled
for the World’s Unique Individuals.

the alchemy of copper – the unique taste profile of small batch
the sensuality of experience in nose and taste
the result: art and design of handcrafted spirit.


Field grown grain fermented in custom built Douglas Fir washbacks  –  Each single batch runs through a series of hand hammered CARL copper stills to achieve the perfect base spirit for each of our four expressions – Botanical variations selected, composed and macerated by our master blender – Final nosing and blending the result of decades of craft spirits experience – Hand bottled on site.


Why Gin?


Timing is everything; and nowhere is that more evident than in the spirits industry. The time needed to age certain spirits makes the opening and survival of a craft distillery a true challenge. Despite the many years of whisky expertise behind our distillery, a decision to open our doors with a portfolio of gins and with whiskeys in the future, was born of both economic necessity and industry trend. Our master blender’s years of experience deep in nosing and blending of single malt and vatted malt whisky flowed into the next level by the creating of complex and flavorful gins. Opening the blending experience to the thousands of available botanicals that can become part of a gin was ‘game on!’… and what a game it is! Never ending possibilities and endless creativity. Perhaps gin makers should be called chefs rather than blenders….




The balance of tradition and innovation are at the basis of every spirit produced at Brandywine Branch.

•  Everything begins in the 1500 litre stainless steel mash tun as our chosen mash bill is cooked,
    stirred and crash cooled through the innovations designed by CARL.

•  Transfer to the traditionally built wooden fermenters and the addition of carefully chosen yeasts

    along with the work mother nature adds with any wild yeasts completes step #2.

•  A full GRAIN-IN process carries on as the fermented grains are transferred to the swan neck
    wash still—a copper pot work of art.

•  The most careful of heart cuts are transferred to our receiving tanks while the heads & tails that
    are not chosen for re-distillation are burned in our bio fuel fireplace in the bistro/tasting room.

•  Our botanical recipes then come into play as we prepare to hot macerate our chosen herbs
    flowers spices/fruits in the spirit to create the complex Revivalist Gin Expressions.

•  The 2nd distillation and any subsequent distilling decided on, batch by batch, takes place in the
    copper alembic still and 6 plate copper column, all CARL made.

•  The spent grain used in our process is collected by several local farmers who feed it to hogs and


Photograph of The Revivalist Gin Bottle sitting on a beautiful wooden barrel.
Photograph of Brandywine Branch Distillers Glass designed to perfectly enjoy BBD Gin.
Photograph of the Brandywine Branch Distillers Wooden Fermenters.
Photograph of Brandywine Branch Distillers Beautiful Copper Still.
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The Revivalist Gins

Brandywine Branch Distillers

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