Come to our century old stone barn restoration. Get up close to experience how we make these remarkable products in an historic, rural setting.



Our distillery sits on 8 open acres across the road from 130 acres of conserved farmland and the Stonewall & French Creek golf courses. We also border the state game lands and numerous state parks. The distillery is easily accessed by several major roads as well as the PA Turnpike.





CARL Stills. The name is synonymous with quality, experience and craft. Since 1869 the CARL family has designed and created hand built equipment for the brewing and distilling industry worldwide. The small batch custom designed copper pot stills at Brandywine Branch are both a work of art and a distiller’s dream tool. The 1000 liter wash swan neck and  750 liter spirit helmet alembic stills accompanied by a 6 plate copper column and a 1500 litre mash vessel can be viewed from the tasting room or visited more closely during distillery tours. Within the next year a third still combination will be added. Rounding out the main aspects of the process are four wooden hand built Douglas Fir fermentation tanks each with a 250 gallon capability. Four more Hall Woolford wooden fermenters will be added within the next 2 years.


Brandywine Branch Distillers Logo as seen on on The Barn.
Photo of the Farm at BBD.
Photo of the Copper Stills at BBD.
Photo of the group that makes The BBD work.
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